Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Team work – physiatry specialist (MD), senior physiotherapist, physiotherapist technician and patient are the basis for physical rehabilitation. The clinic provides complete modern rehabilitation that is available to both our users and our fellow citizens.

The goal of medical rehabilitation is prevention, treatment and functional training of diseased and injured persons, development of physical and mental abilities. Physiotherapy applies natural energy and is considered to be one of the oldest methods of treatment.

The therapies we offer are:
– all forms of electrotherapy
– magnetic therapy
– laser therapy
– ultrasound therapy
– thermotherapy (parafinotherapy and cryotherapy)
– classic Swedish massage
– kinetictherapy – therapeutic exercises
– Bioptron lamp therapy
– vacuum therapy (vacusac)

Rehabilitation treatments can be used by all our fellow citizens who are divided into the following categories:

– residential users
– all employees of the Gerontology Centre
– members of the immediate families of the Gerontological Centre staff (spouse and children)
– members of gerontology clubs
– residents of “Protected Housing”
– third parties – all fellow citizens who do not belong to the above categories

Physiatrist specialist’s exam, rehabilitation treatment and collective exercise are free of charge for the residential users. In addition to rehabilitation treatments, there is an option for group exercise for our residential users in all three residential facilities. Individual kinetic therapy (therapeutic exercise) and thermotherapy are provided in all three residential facilities, while the other treatments are provided in the Home Dudova Suma.