Gerontology clubs


There are ten gerontology clubs within the Gerontology Centre, six of them within the city area and four of them in the neighbouring rural communities. Gerontology clubs in Subotica are: Club “Centar I” opened in 1979; club “Bajmok” opened in 1983; club “Bajnat” opened in 1988; Club “Centar II” opened in 1991; Club “Kertvaros” (the first club in the SFRY opened in 1973 and closed in 1999) opened again in 2006; Club “Novi Zednik” opened in 2008; club “Zorka” opened in 2010; club “Prozivka” opened in 2011; club “Mala Bosna” opened in 2012 and club “Đurđin” opened in 2012. Club membership is opened to our fellow citizens with the pensioner status (old-age, disabled, family pensioner), disabled person or unemployed person older than 60 years.Gerontology club sympathizers who are either employed or unemployed can become affiliated members as well. Sympathizers participate in all activities and work of the club, but can not use the services provided by the institution. Club members can come and spend time at the club daily. Services that are provided for the club members are lunch, massage, pedicure, hairdresser, laundry service, the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, psychological counselling service and handyman service in theirhomes. Each club organizes cultural, entertaining and recreational activities depending on the interest and affinity of the members of the club. There are creative workshops in the clubs: painting on silk, painting ontextiles, glass painting, straw techniques section, decorating napkins technique, making objects from paper, painting wooden objects, making clay objects, white embroidery and handmade work. Sports activities are organized as well: recreation, tai chi exercises, table tennis, hang gliders, darts, tiles and chess as well as competitions in these activities. There are sections of dance, folklore sections, singing sections and drama section, section of English language. There are exhibitions, literary afternoons, book promotions, birthday celebrations, tea parties, celebration of traditional and religious holidays and customs, masquerade and social gatherings. Day centre and counselling for demented people is established in the club Kertvaros. In the Daily Centre and counsellingcentre for demented people, a psychologist organizes and leads groups that are attended by individuals suffering from dementia. This service is available for members who have been diagnosed with dementia. A member of the club who is in a state of personal need or the need to care for another person in this way arranges an informative and diagnostic interview with a psychologist, with an assessment of the possibility of being included in the group. In addition to the Day Care Centre and counselling for people with dementia, there is a Psychological Counselling Service that provides services and counselling to club members, as well as their relatives (relatives and friends) in solving the current problem related to the member of the gerontology club. The interview at the counsellingcentre is scheduled in person at the address of AleksaŠantić 27 or on telephone 546-868.