Home care and help


Open Care Service is a department within Gerontology Centre providing non-institutional care for our eldest fellow citizens in their own homes.
It consists of:
– Home Care and Help
– Gerontology clubs
– Day Care Centre and Counselling for People with Dementia
Home Care and Help was established in 1971 under the name of Home Care. In 1978 Home Care was integrated with residential homes, thereby establishing the Gerontology Center in which Home Care and Help became a part of the wide array of provided services. Gerontology Center in Subotica has a license to provide help and care at home. The service was licensed on April 20, 2016 for a period of 6 years.
Home Care and Help is located at Žarka Zrenjanina 16 in Subotica. The employees are nurses and medical technicians, caregivers and gerontomaids who provide services to our oldest fellow citizens, chronically ill persons, persons with disabilities and other persons in a state of social need. A doctor, a senior nurse and a nurse go to visit the users, fill out the application, the necessary documentation, and provide advice regarding the care of the beneficiaries. Following services are provided to our beneficiaries:
– Maintenance of personal hygiene
– Replacement of personal clothing and bedding
– Massage in the function of preventing decubitus
– Breathing exercises
– Feeding and eating
– Controlling vital functions
– Giving therapy based on doctor’s order
The following services are provided to the home help user:
– Maintenance of living space hygiene in which the user lives
– Procurement of food items
– Preparation of heating materials and heating maintenance
– Cooking simple meals
– Help with paying bills
For the service of care and help the application is done on the telephone 555-050 or personally at the address Žarka Zrenjanina 16 every working day.