Home “Dudova suma” Boarding unit


The boarding unit is located on the first four floors of the Dudovasuma building, where the accommodation for the mentally and physically preserved individuals is provided, who are capable of independent or partial self-service, maintenance of personal hygiene and partial hygiene of the place they live in. The unit has double, single and high standard rooms (technically equipped). Each room has a private bathroom and a terrace equipped with sitting furniture. The building is adapted to the needs of the residential users. On each floor there is a kitchenette, a living room that is air-conditioned, and there is also the possibility of using the phone for calls within the building and receiving external calls. There is a library available for users of services, offering a variety of literature in Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian and German, as well as daily and weekly press. There is also a cafe bar with a summer garden located on the ground floor. Professional and qualified staff provides nursing services and help with day-to-day activities. General health care services are provided within the health centre located on the ground floor. Within the house there is a manicure and pedicure salon as well as a hairdresser that is available for the residential users. The team of social and health care professionals and associates (psychologist, social worker, andragogue, senior nurse, senior physiotherapist and occupational therapists) continuously monitor the needs and general satisfaction of the users, and the service program is adjusted in accordance with the observed changes.